What is a Dental CBCT Scan?

Getting an accurate view of a patient’s mouth is a common challenge that dentists face. While traditional x-rays are often standard procedure for this task, a new technology has made the process simpler, safer, and far more effective. That technology is the dental CBCT scan, and it allows x-rays to be taken more quickly and provides the ability to see in three dimensions. Learn more about our dental CBCT scans and how they improve your dental visits.

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Understanding the CBCT Scanner

With Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), the days of posing for multiple photos of your mouth are over. All the patient has to do is remain in place while the CBCT orbits them, scanning the details of their mouth and jaw.

The results are as remarkable as the experience is for patients. For the first time, our dentists can view your teeth in 3-D, revealing more about them than ever before. This not only enhances our ability to diagnose gum disease and other problems in their earliest stages, but it greatly improves each visit for our patients.

Highlights of the CBCT Scanner

Take a look at some of the most notable benefits of using the CBCT scanner:

  • Takes detailed 3-D images that reveal more than traditional x-rays
  • Significantly less radiation than x-rays
  • Requires only one pose instead of six or more for a complete image
  • The patient can remain upright throughout the scan

Main Uses of the CBCT Scanner

CBCT technology is ideal for any procedure that requires a very accurate view of the airway, jaw, teeth, and gums. It can assist with each of the following:

  • Treatment of sleep apnea and other airway-related disorders
  • Diagnosing problems like gum disease in their earliest stages
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatments with a 3-D image of the patient’s bite
  • Detecting dental problems in the hardest to reach parts of your mouth and jaw

How Does Our CBCT Technology Improve Your Experience?

When we invest in new technology, it’s important that our patients can see its value during their dental visits. Here are some of the ways the CBCT scanner makes your visits a little bit better:

Both Doctors and Patients Get a 3-D Image

One of the surest ways a patient can understand their condition is by seeing a clear picture of what’s happening in their mouth. Thanks to the CBCT imagery, we can provide the most comprehensive image possible, making it easier than ever to see the cause of your condition.

Faster and More Convenient Dental Visits

Taking x-rays used to be similar to posing for a series of photos with a camera. Now, you simply remain in place as our CBCT scanner does all the work. With a quick turnaround time, your dental visits are more convenient than ever before.

Experience the Difference at Your Next Appointment

With dental CBCT scans, we’re able to make your appointments quicker and more convenient while providing accurate results. We’re proud to be using the most effective dental equipment available to enhance your visit with us. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!